3D Game Podcast 0 Introduction

Yuma Antoine Decaux
October 15, 2020
After losing sight, I bled my fingers looking for something that may come across as an audio experience with various themes dark, horror, funny, or even Tarantino with James Cameron sprinkled with Luc Besson type worlds. But none exist.

There is also no way to create your own 3D world as a blind individual. This was the start of my quest. About 50 or more Monster energy drinks and a lot of sleepless nights later, I had built an immersive 3D audio experience, and with the help of my man Jan from Dubbaddiction, I started having a library of sounds I can use for our next software project of which name will be fully revised and certified by the PC brigade (or do I really care?). In the meantime, we at OSeyeris decided to start empowering others like me who are creative minds and like to build worlds. This is the start of a video series that will teach those who can't access games, education and entertainment, to create their own world and interactive media. There's still a long way to go, but this will start the mechanics of both educating the educated about being blind and restricted from many simple things which are taken for granted, and giving blind individuals the ability to quickly create their storyies in the form of a full 3D audio experience, and we're not talking just stereo panning. It might grow into an alternate A.R experience, or even a real assistant which can use the 3D audio and combine it with contextual information we can mine from the web, to really game up on the access tech arena. Enjoy

link to youtube video