3D Game Podcast 3 Making voice over 3D positional

Yuma Antoine Decaux
October 15, 2020
We are going to keep our initial example file and expand on it to make our voice over positional. This is a feature I would love to have OSX implement, allowing for several cues to be positioned around a 3D space, and until they come with a great way of doing it, I will be moving ahead with the request.

This tutorial will show you the following:

• Creating extensions and why they are meaningful

• Create functions which will load a file on your system

• Create a function that will parse your text

• Use the NSSpeechSynthesizer delegate to make a chain of actions to place your voice over text into a node

• Some parameter changes for the synthesizer

I have shortened the tutorials and wrote the example files prior to recording, so that I can go through the new elements and code line by line, with some explanation of each new concept. You can, as usual, download the git here and download tutorial3.zip

This is a short one, but it is to prepare for the next episode which deals with more advanced audio processing on our beloved Alex.


Link to the YouTube playlist