3D game podcast 5 Lets take a trip back in time

Yuma Antoine Decaux
October 15, 2020
In this podcast, I’m placing a focus on managing keypresses, whether they are alfanumericals or special keys such as the backspace, enter or tab, and use an old 60s Olivetti typewriter sound to enact the same function, with the extra feature that it also has an old rusty screen reader attached to it.

In this podcast, you will learn the following:

• Overriding standard keys

• Interpreting alphanumerical keys and associating them to functions

• Appending and resetting variables depending on the required outcome

As per tradition now on this podcast series, you can download the zip file here and dissect the code as well as try customising it to your needs. Important note: I have created a folder called “speech” in the home/Music folder that contains all the generated .aiff speech files so you can delete them when you are done exercising your coding skills. An exercise would be for you to create a function that will flush these files as they are finished speaking, or find a better, more elegant solution to avoid the creation and deletion of spoken text. I will shout you a coffee if you are in Brisbane and find a better way, as the speech synthesiser is quite opaque and does not allow much customisation and requires digging into the lower layers of the CoreAudio module, which is time consuming and defeats the purpose of this podcast series.


Link to YouTube Playlist