Hardware Update October

Jake Dean
September 11, 2021
Hey all, Resident Hardware guy here to give you a belonged update on how we're going.

We've got our underlying technology wrapped up and ready to go. The biggest thing we've been struggling to do is get a final Production version.

We've been playing around with some injection moulds, making sure that the touch and feel of the device can be best, we're pretty happy with the shape, it fits right into your palm.

We're starting to test some aluminium pieces for the feel. Functionality wise we're happy with it, and we're using the calibration machine to ensure that we pressure test it.

It's going to look like at the end of October, mid November to have a beautiful production quality version ready that we can make, so we really look forward to showing you all.

We'll then go for a round of testing in November, including professionals such as tailors, builders and Personal trainers, we've already been gaining interest from people in Brisbane.

I've also filmed a calibration run of our current prototype, here's the link for that one. I really can't wait till we boost the speed on this one and make the whole office sound like a space battle haha.

As always, live long and hack.