Macaron Update 5

Catherine Caling
October 15, 2020
Answering the big questions What the hell have we been doing the past few months? Where did Jake go? Why don't I have a Macaron yet?

The past few months have been a hectic and exciting time for us at OSeyeris.

Jake our lead engineer has been working to improve the durability of the Macaron as well as enhancing the sound quality all while expanding our base of hardware operations to Sydney to take advantage of a greater range of manufacturing options.

Each of the macaron units is being hand manufactured in house by Jake for the pre-orders to ensure each customer gets a high-quality unit.

We appreciate your ongoing support and patience during this process I know our pre-order supporters are as eager to get their hands on this first edition of the macaron as we are.

Jake has put together a video to explain where we are at with the manufacturing process

Our driving values of making the world inclusive and accessible has led to some unexpected opportunities for collaboration and support from organisations doing great work advocating for more inclusion both in STEM and society.

We are hoping to release more information on these collaborations soon. Jake is happy to connect with anyone to discuss the macaron and can be reached via email