Winning the National James Dyson Award

Jake Dean
October 15, 2020
Hardware is harsh mistress. I remember when we started this, everything was so enjoyable. 3d printing prototypes was so fun and exciting and pulling that next revision off of the heated plate was like taking a crisp meal out of the oven.

Within a few Months though, that beautiful satisfaction you’ve been having has turned to ash and all you can think of is how much you despise the fact your project isn’t ready yet. Your friends will look at the current work you’re doing with respect but all you can think about is how many sleepless nights you’ve had, how you haven’t fixed all of the issues and how crappy the road ahead is. The only thing that keeps you going is the reason you started in the first place (make it count).

The amazing thing is though. That once you finally, finally get there. It’s the most tastiest thing you’ve ever tried. Each and every small breakthrough becomes so plain, but then you wake up one day.. and the realisation hits you like a tidal wave. The fact that all this work has led to this cool creation, this amazing physical device in your hand. You feel like a god. But then it exits the door into customers hands, and they point out some flaws in usability design straight away. Should have just kept it inside :p.

I experienced this exact thing. Pulling part after part off the 3D printer, just looking for the design that would get us mm accuracy. Putting each part into testing and finding out it wasn’t good enough. Having another team member say "What about __" and just wanting to throw the printed piece at them (we must have printed 100-200+ variations of part that rotates inside the device. Lucky they were small). I'm stoked this is all coming together.

I’ve been told recently that James Dyson made over 1000 variations of the bagless vacuum system until he got it right (hats off to you). I can only imagine the amount of despair in that.

Anyway, the crew and I would love to thank the JDA team (We’re Australians. We’ll abbreviate everything. You can’t stop us ;) ) for the Australian National Award. It’s a huge step forward for us on this crazy path and gives the whole team a large deep breath. With that bit of extra push as we move onto the next stages of The Macaron’s journey.

We’ve put a few versions of The Macaron out into the field, the latest style (no proper photos yet) has had some people say “Holy crap that’s incredible”. You can join our newsletter here if you’d like to stay up to date. The Macaron will be hitting public sale by the end of the year. If you’re thinking of stealing the idea. For the love of god just make it accessible to the visually impaired.

- J