A rotatable White Macaron


Measure. Click. Record. The Macaron is a Smart Measuring Device which aims to modernise the household tool for everyone, including the visually impaired. It connects through bluetooth to a dedicated app.

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Elegant Design

Measuring tape and leveler comes tightly packed inside this pocket device.

The winner of the James Dyson Award. 

Easy slide and pop tool-tip to begin measuring. 

Carbon fiber filament casing. 

Has multiple measuring modes.

Read the measurements or listen to them via the custom audio system

No Repetition

Measure and save results with one click. Data can be saved on the device or uploaded to a phone over bluetooth. 

Multiple measurements are saved sequentially and timestamped. 

Never lose a measurement by syncing data to the cloud. 

Create custom templates for measurement sequences.

Increased Performance

350 mAH battery life, around 7-8 hours of constant measuring. 

Touch screen allows instantaneous access to your measurements and easy setup of new ones.

Onboard microphone allows user to record what they’re measuring. 

OLED allows easy readability.

Precise Measurements

Device has a 2m range. 

A custom spindle has been created to ensure millimeter accuracy. 

Two reference modes: 

Hook reference for making lengthwise measurements such as shelves and tables. 

Magnetic reference for curved measurements such as waist and other body measurements.



Macaron and app measuring a bookshelf
Man measuring himself with the measurements being synced to the app
Macaron Measuring a Air Conditioning unit
Blurred out figure posing macaron infront of her
Macaron wrapped around the waist of a girl

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OSeyeris is offering a limited edition pre-order for it's first 50 units, scheduled for delivery in the Month of December.
As the first people using this device, we'll keep in direct communication through email or phone and you'll get to choose exactly what software upgrades you want added to the device
Disclaimer: The companion app will initially only be available for iOS.

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